Golden Wedding Anniversary

August 08, 1964. Fifty years ago from today, a beautiful young lady and handsome young man started their life together as husband and wife here in Denmark.

bryllup 1964

Their story started when both of them joined the athletics club called Saga in Copenhagen. Nanette and Tage were both on their teens when they first met. Nanette became the Danish Champion in long jump category and Tage became the Danish Champion in 100 meter dash. As both of them are champions in Athletics,their engagement was then featured in a newspaper. Since then they start running together and became running buddies for the rest of their lives.

Nanette on her long jump days

Nanette on her long jump days

Tage in 100 meter dash

Tage in 100 meter dash

A lot of things happened. They moved around places due to work where in they met a lot of people and made friends. Friends that after all those years they remain good friends. After 6 moves, they are now happily settled down in a small town called Humlum, west part of Denmark. They love leaving here because they are situated nearby a fjord where they go for their run everyday…uhmmm ok its only Nanette who is running everyday now:-) while Tage walks with Laban their dog every morning.

They just got engaged!

They just got engaged!

They were lucky to have 2 children named Klaus and Thomas, both now have their own family. Klaus is married to Tina whom they have 3 kids named Camilla now 17, Helene now 13 and Nikolaj now 11. Thomas is my husband and we have Martin who just turned 2 years old last June and he got another two girls from his first marriage named Hannah and Emily both 7 1/2 years old now.

Klaus and Thomas at early age

Klaus and Thomas at early age

50 years of marriage is a milestone we all be proud of. Yes, they had ups and downs during those long years, they agree and disagree on some things, they had all the tests they can have on their marriage life but they survive. They are here today enjoying their lives to the fullest, loving every moment of being a grandparents and treasuring all the good things every single day.

Tage and Nanette with the whole family in 2013

Tage and Nanette with the whole family in 2013

I myself, being a daughter-in-law of Nanette and Tage is very proud of them. Being a part of this big celebration is one of a kind experience. I can only do my share by shouting to the whole world a huge congratulations to both of them.




Hura Hura Hura!


Happy 2014

Year 2014

New Years greetings

We celebrated  new years eve together with our good friends here in Denmark. We arrived in Denmark from the UK in time for the celebration. We started our evening, Thomas and I together with his parents by watching on TV the Denmark queen (OK, I admit I didn’t listen much because I don’t understand anyway) deliver her New Years speech for Denmark, and we shared a bottle of champagne while watching.

Then we left and gone to our friends place ready to party. Fantastic food, lots of wine, alcohol and beer and most of all the cozy evening we shared with other guests made our New Years celebration a good one. Three minutes to the year 2014, we gathered together in the living room, hand in hand  we stand on the couch and as soon as the clock strikes 12 MN we jump off to the floor and shouted Godt Nytår (Happy New Year in Danish).  A glass of champagne to everybody as we hug and wish everyone the best of 2014.

One of  best part of the night was the Fireworks display. It was so beautiful watching all the lights and fireworks up in the air. It was a great night for us. Being with Thomas and Martin this time of the year is very special for me.

We were home at 3 AM in the morning, my in-laws in deep sleep together with our little Martin. He decided to sleep through the night and wakes up 8 AM and demanded attention from his very sleepy hangover mommy, at this point in time I am very thankful I have Teletubbies and Night Garden to have him entertained. It was a very lazy day for me today after a great New Years eve party.

I wish everyone a blissful 2014 from my  family to yours!

White snow: A dream come true

When I was young, I remember asking myself  ” am I gonna see  snow one day”?  Growing up in tropical countries like Philippines, I am used to only 2 season for the whole year, the dry season and wet season. I never dreamed of  living in a country that has the total opposite of what I am used to.

Humlum, Denmark

After 31 years of my life, I finally see the real snow. January 27, 2011. I will always remember this day, this was my 1st time of my long time dream with the snow. The night before that, the forecast from the radio says that there is a snowfall around 9pm, and by then I started to get excited. I keep checking outside every half an hour just to see if it is really coming. I went to bed that night without any single snowflakes and I’m a little bit disappointed. Then the next day, Thomas woke me up at 6 o’clock in the morning and drag me next to the window. There, I saw the garden covered with beautiful soft white snow while snowflakes are slowly and carefully falling from up above. It was magical! I almost cried watching it.

I hurriedly dressed up, then walk around the house with my camera and tried to take pictures. Thomas and Tage were just smiling at me how excited I am that day.  Yes, Nanette was forced out of bed as I am too noisy running around the house for pictures.  After breakfast, I helped Thomas removed the snow from the car and walked Laban (Tage and Nanette’s dog) that morning.  It was so beautiful, the fields and road are covered with the snow, the  trees has the leaves of white particles.

Here are some of my pictures:

Thomas, happy walking in the snow

The next day, Thomas and I played in the garden. We are throwing snow balls to each other, made the snowman and I even cleared the driveway from the snow. It was being a little girl again the way I acted. But who cares anyway, I just love this moment, my 1st snow moments.

It was really cold outside, but this didn’t stop me of going out and play:)

My first Chanterelles

The experience of hunting chanterelle in the forest is really great. I have never been mushroom hunting before I tried it last week here in Denmark.  This tiny little thing is considered as the nature’s best edible mushroom. It has a trumpet-shaped form and a faint smell of apricot. The chanterelle is only 3-7 cm tall, so not a big mushroom. They normally grow in the forest here in northern europe during late summer and fall. Especially in the weeks after lots of rain.

my 1st chanterelle

Tage, my father-in-law and I went for chanterelle hunting the other day. I did not know what to expect, but equipped with a basket and a small knife and comfortable clothes meant for the outdoors, we drove to the forest, which was only 10 minutes away from their house. We parked the car at the parking area by the edge of the forest and walked only for couple of minutes when I suddently found my first chanterelle mushroom. Whou!

Into the woods

As we walked further into the woods, I just had to take out my camera and take pictures of this beautiful forest surrounding me. It was an amazing experience on this cold and windy day in Denmark.

Tage and Laban in the forest

We walked for another 30 minutes before we reached the area where the chanterelle normally grow well. This area was discovered by Tage & Nanette ( my in-laws) two years ago. And yes, there were really hundreds of this golden mushroom around me. I was so excited and happy, what a fantastic view of all these orange mushrooms all around you.


me picking the chanterelle

It took us an hour and a half, then the baskets were full. I had so much fun picking all the chanterelle, it was really a great experience for me. As soon as we get home, we had to clean the chanterelle before they can be cooked or stored. To clean chanterelle, it is easiest to remove dirt, soil and leaves using a small brush. If it is too dirty brush it with water. After cleaning process, we fried all the mushrooms in a large pan, in order to remove the excess water from inside the mushroom, before we packed them in small portions for storage in the freezer.

Frying to remove excess water

After all the hard work with chanterelle, this is my reward for dinner that same evening. A lovely steak served with onions and freshly picked chanterelle from the forest. I loved it!

My dinner with chanterelle