Golden Wedding Anniversary

August 08, 1964. Fifty years ago from today, a beautiful young lady and handsome young man started their life together as husband and wife here in Denmark.

bryllup 1964

Their story started when both of them joined the athletics club called Saga in Copenhagen. Nanette and Tage were both on their teens when they first met. Nanette became the Danish Champion in long jump category and Tage became the Danish Champion in 100 meter dash. As both of them are champions in Athletics,their engagement was then featured in a newspaper. Since then they start running together and became running buddies for the rest of their lives.

Nanette on her long jump days

Nanette on her long jump days

Tage in 100 meter dash

Tage in 100 meter dash

A lot of things happened. They moved around places due to work where in they met a lot of people and made friends. Friends that after all those years they remain good friends. After 6 moves, they are now happily settled down in a small town called Humlum, west part of Denmark. They love leaving here because they are situated nearby a fjord where they go for their run everyday…uhmmm ok its only Nanette who is running everyday now:-) while Tage walks with Laban their dog every morning.

They just got engaged!

They just got engaged!

They were lucky to have 2 children named Klaus and Thomas, both now have their own family. Klaus is married to Tina whom they have 3 kids named Camilla now 17, Helene now 13 and Nikolaj now 11. Thomas is my husband and we have Martin who just turned 2 years old last June and he got another two girls from his first marriage named Hannah and Emily both 7 1/2 years old now.

Klaus and Thomas at early age

Klaus and Thomas at early age

50 years of marriage is a milestone we all be proud of. Yes, they had ups and downs during those long years, they agree and disagree on some things, they had all the tests they can have on their marriage life but they survive. They are here today enjoying their lives to the fullest, loving every moment of being a grandparents and treasuring all the good things every single day.

Tage and Nanette with the whole family in 2013

Tage and Nanette with the whole family in 2013

I myself, being a daughter-in-law of Nanette and Tage is very proud of them. Being a part of this big celebration is one of a kind experience. I can only do my share by shouting to the whole world a huge congratulations to both of them.




Hura Hura Hura!


Martin turns 2

My birthday boy

Today our little man turns 2. He is growing fast but I still remember that special day when he came into our lives 2 years ago. Our precious one became the center of our attention for the past 2 years and we are enjoying every bit of it.

Thank you for being such a cute and sweet little boy you are. You have your moments especially with mommy…but still you’re the best. I just wish you start eating more so the stress during dinner time will be over:-)

Busy reading a card from grandparents

Busy reading a card from grandparents

You love to read your books, to play in the garden all day rain or shine if you have to, you love playing mom’s pots and pans as drum set. What I love the most are your cuddles and sweet kisses always ready to share to mommy and daddy.

A simple celebration with his toddler group

A simple celebration with his toddler group

We both enjoyed your birthday despite daddy being away from home. We will celebrate your birthday with all our friends on Sunday.

Happy 2nd Birthday Martin. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!

Year 3 and Counting

I received unexpected delivery today. Thomas is again working away from home on our anniversary day and this simple effort from him made this day special.


Happy 3rd wedding anniversary my dear Thomas. Having you and little Martin completes me. Thank you for such a wonderful life with you. I love you Thomas.

Happy 2014

Year 2014

New Years greetings

We celebrated  new years eve together with our good friends here in Denmark. We arrived in Denmark from the UK in time for the celebration. We started our evening, Thomas and I together with his parents by watching on TV the Denmark queen (OK, I admit I didn’t listen much because I don’t understand anyway) deliver her New Years speech for Denmark, and we shared a bottle of champagne while watching.

Then we left and gone to our friends place ready to party. Fantastic food, lots of wine, alcohol and beer and most of all the cozy evening we shared with other guests made our New Years celebration a good one. Three minutes to the year 2014, we gathered together in the living room, hand in hand  we stand on the couch and as soon as the clock strikes 12 MN we jump off to the floor and shouted Godt Nytår (Happy New Year in Danish).  A glass of champagne to everybody as we hug and wish everyone the best of 2014.

One of  best part of the night was the Fireworks display. It was so beautiful watching all the lights and fireworks up in the air. It was a great night for us. Being with Thomas and Martin this time of the year is very special for me.

We were home at 3 AM in the morning, my in-laws in deep sleep together with our little Martin. He decided to sleep through the night and wakes up 8 AM and demanded attention from his very sleepy hangover mommy, at this point in time I am very thankful I have Teletubbies and Night Garden to have him entertained. It was a very lazy day for me today after a great New Years eve party.

I wish everyone a blissful 2014 from my  family to yours!

4 Days To Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town!


Four days before Christmas…our tree is up, decorations in the house are all set, gifts are wrapped and ready. All I need now is my husband to come home. OK, two more nights to wait and it feels like eternity.

For  a couple of days now, I’m  kinda sad at some point despite being busy with having friends over for lunch and attending my little Martin’s Christmas party. I know it has something to do with Thomas being away, I’m a little envious to those families  out  together doing their things for Christmas.  So can’t wait for Sunday!

Here are some of my decorations I made this Christmas.

My Christmas Calendars 

Advent Candles

Advent Candles

My Christmas Wreath


The Orange and Cloves Ornament

Living room decoration

Living room decoration

Our Christmas Tree

My little assistant

My little assistant

We are having my in-laws over for Christmas and it is our little Martin’s 2nd Christmas so for sure he will going to enjoy it. He just loves playing around our Christmas tree, picking the balls and other ornaments.  The good thing is, he haven’t figure out he can unwrap the gifts but he knows that after his nap he can open a treat from grandmother’s advent calendar.

Merry Christmas! Wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and the best of 2014!

DIY Project: Glass Bottle Decor

IMG_4864The original idea is to create a Christmas decoration but I end up using it as my flower vase. I picked up some roses from the garden luckily I still have some of them and I added some twigs. As soon as  I put it down, my son Martin started playing with it, took a while before he realize he is not supposed to play with. Love it! Cheap and beautiful.


Clean and remove the labels of the bottles. Soak with hot water and use a little bit of soap for easier cleaning.

Let it dry then paint.

I used acrylic paint and a paint brush to paint the bottles. Spray paint will keep the job easier but I stick to what I already have at home and that saved me couple of bucks:-)




In the Kitchen: Marshmallow Pops

I made this very pretty yummy pops for my friends baby shower the other day. As one of the organizer of the party, I tried to made something simple yet beautiful. And this cute pops are loved by everybody.



For this marshmallow Pop I used
2 bags of pink and white marshmallows
2 White chocolate
desiccated coconut as sprinkles
Shaved Daim chocolate (optional)
Pink coloring
Plastic cake pops stick
(can use any sprinkles you like)

Easy to make. I inserted the cake stick into the marshmallow and put them in the freezer for minimum 5 minutes. Then I melted the white chocolate in the microwave and add some coloring on half of it. I tried to do it by batch. When chocolate is ready I took the marshmallow and dip them into the chocolate working quite fast to add the sprinkles. The frozen marshmallows made the chocolate harden very quick.

When everything is ready, I arranged it as a flower bouquet and Voila! A very nice pink centerpiece for our friends baby shower.