In the Kitchen: Marshmallow Pops

I made this very pretty yummy pops for my friends baby shower the other day. As one of the organizer of the party, I tried to made something simple yet beautiful. And this cute pops are loved by everybody.



For this marshmallow Pop I used
2 bags of pink and white marshmallows
2 White chocolate
desiccated coconut as sprinkles
Shaved Daim chocolate (optional)
Pink coloring
Plastic cake pops stick
(can use any sprinkles you like)

Easy to make. I inserted the cake stick into the marshmallow and put them in the freezer for minimum 5 minutes. Then I melted the white chocolate in the microwave and add some coloring on half of it. I tried to do it by batch. When chocolate is ready I took the marshmallow and dip them into the chocolate working quite fast to add the sprinkles. The frozen marshmallows made the chocolate harden very quick.

When everything is ready, I arranged it as a flower bouquet and Voila! A very nice pink centerpiece for our friends baby shower.


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