DIY Project: Glass Bottle Decor

IMG_4864The original idea is to create a Christmas decoration but I end up using it as my flower vase. I picked up some roses from the garden luckily I still have some of them and I added some twigs. As soon as  I put it down, my son Martin started playing with it, took a while before he realize he is not supposed to play with. Love it! Cheap and beautiful.


Clean and remove the labels of the bottles. Soak with hot water and use a little bit of soap for easier cleaning.

Let it dry then paint.

I used acrylic paint and a paint brush to paint the bottles. Spray paint will keep the job easier but I stick to what I already have at home and that saved me couple of bucks:-)





My Personalized Birthday Bunting

Oh Boy! Time is really flying so fast. In just exactly a week is our precious son Martin’s 1st Birthday. I started planning a month before his birthday but unfortunately I am so stuck that until now I still have a lot of things to do.

Yes! I am turning 1!

Yes! I am turning 1!

I wanted his 1st birthday to be something special. I made him a birthday bunting. I used fabric to make it more personalized and long-lasting. I  got the  inspiration of making this after I saw a named bunting hanged outside the door on my friend’s daughter in Singapore. It  is beautiful yet simple to make.

Happy Birthday Bunting

Happy Birthday Bunting

It was a double-sided bunting so I can use the other side for any occasion or I can easily hang as a decoration in his room.

Things I used to make the bunting:

scraps of fabric


double-sided tape


pinking shears

Janome sewing machine

It was pretty easy to make. I just need the time where I can sit and work with my hands without my little Martin on the way. Oh yes, he loves playing things he is not allowed to, including tugging the cable of my sewing machine.  So, I worked with this while Martin is sleeping.


The plan is to hang his name outside his room door. And now that is finished, I moved on to next project. I will try to keep posted.