About me

Thomas and I in the jungle of Borneo.

My name is Mia, I grew up at the countryside in northern part of The Philippines. I’m the second to the eldest in a family with 6 siblings. As a young girl, I did not have big dreams and adventures in mind. Finishing my education after high school and college within computer technology was my only priority those days, as I knew that paying for this education was the only wealth my parents could provide me with. They are low-income farmers and 5 other siblings needed education as well. A good basic education, no one can take away. A normal girl with normal average dreams I guess, getting married and having kids with a Filipino husband one day and living in The Philippines. I never thought I would leave the place of my childhood, living in another country and getting married to a “foreigner”.

Now, looking back on those days, I can see that I surpassed those dreams. I worked and lived in Singapore for almost 6 years, where I met my husband Thomas, from Denmark March 2009. We got married May 2011. During our stay in Singapore, we tried to explore some of the beautiful beaches of Asia, visited Denmark, Finland and Dubai.

In Bintan, Indonesia

Me in Bintan, Indonesia. 45 min boat trip from Singapore.

November 1st , 2011 when we moved to the UK. del>Our son Martin was born 5th June 2012, and he is one of the best gift we had. He is now 1yo, healthy and charming little fellow.

On this blog, I can share my stories of our travelling in Asia, around Europe, food that we both love and upcoming experience along the path.


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