A Day in Weymouth Beach

One perfect day for a nice and quiet walk by the beach in Weymouth beach in the UK before we left for a month holiday in Denmark. Look who is having fun…

Footprints in the sand

Footprints in the sand

At a very young age, he is getting all the attention from the beautiful ladies…but I don’t know if he noticed them at all.

Enjoying the girls attention

Enjoying the girls attention

Happy 2014

Year 2014

New Years greetings

We celebrated  new years eve together with our good friends here in Denmark. We arrived in Denmark from the UK in time for the celebration. We started our evening, Thomas and I together with his parents by watching on TV the Denmark queen (OK, I admit I didn’t listen much because I don’t understand anyway) deliver her New Years speech for Denmark, and we shared a bottle of champagne while watching.

Then we left and gone to our friends place ready to party. Fantastic food, lots of wine, alcohol and beer and most of all the cozy evening we shared with other guests made our New Years celebration a good one. Three minutes to the year 2014, we gathered together in the living room, hand in hand  we stand on the couch and as soon as the clock strikes 12 MN we jump off to the floor and shouted Godt Nytår (Happy New Year in Danish).  A glass of champagne to everybody as we hug and wish everyone the best of 2014.

One of  best part of the night was the Fireworks display. It was so beautiful watching all the lights and fireworks up in the air. It was a great night for us. Being with Thomas and Martin this time of the year is very special for me.

We were home at 3 AM in the morning, my in-laws in deep sleep together with our little Martin. He decided to sleep through the night and wakes up 8 AM and demanded attention from his very sleepy hangover mommy, at this point in time I am very thankful I have Teletubbies and Night Garden to have him entertained. It was a very lazy day for me today after a great New Years eve party.

I wish everyone a blissful 2014 from my  family to yours!

4 Days To Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town!


Four days before Christmas…our tree is up, decorations in the house are all set, gifts are wrapped and ready. All I need now is my husband to come home. OK, two more nights to wait and it feels like eternity.

For  a couple of days now, I’m  kinda sad at some point despite being busy with having friends over for lunch and attending my little Martin’s Christmas party. I know it has something to do with Thomas being away, I’m a little envious to those families  out  together doing their things for Christmas.  So can’t wait for Sunday!

Here are some of my decorations I made this Christmas.

My Christmas Calendars 

Advent Candles

Advent Candles

My Christmas Wreath


The Orange and Cloves Ornament

Living room decoration

Living room decoration

Our Christmas Tree

My little assistant

My little assistant

We are having my in-laws over for Christmas and it is our little Martin’s 2nd Christmas so for sure he will going to enjoy it. He just loves playing around our Christmas tree, picking the balls and other ornaments.  The good thing is, he haven’t figure out he can unwrap the gifts but he knows that after his nap he can open a treat from grandmother’s advent calendar.

Merry Christmas! Wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and the best of 2014!

Happy Father’s Day

Today, I dedicated this post to all the father in the world, working dad, house dad, for all the single mother’s who stand as a father for their kids, and everyone who been a male/father figure to someone. I would like to give special mention to those  men who are very important in my life.

First is Thomas, my husband and the No.1 Daddy for our little boy Martin and to his 2 daughters Hannah and Emily. He is our best friend who understand us all the time. He tried to spend more time for family despite being busy at work, and that I appreciate a lot. I hope he will start loving “changing nappy” for our little man then I can say he is the best:)

oh, I love my dad!

oh, I love my dad!

Second is my father, he will always be my hero. A lot of him changed but I know he is still the man who love his family above all. He just turned 70 this year, and was so proud when he had the whole family around him. He loves his drink for sure, and I am hoping that one day he will stop totally. I love him so much that I don’t want him to waste his older life with alcohol.

me and Martin and my father

me and Martin and my father

Third is my father-in-law. I feel honored when he agreed to stand as my father on my wedding day. Getting married away from family is not very easy but when you have someone who can stand as your family will definitely ease the pain. Being the father of my husband, I respected him a lot. I do love him, the way I Love my father.

me and my father-in-law

me and my father-in-law

It’s their special day, I say thank you very much! Hope all the father in the world had a wonderful day. They deserved it. Kudos!

Happy Birthday Thomas!

” I dag er det Thomas’ fødselsdag

Hurra, hurra, hurra

Han sikkert sig en gave får

Som han har onsket sig i år

Med dejlig chokolade og kager til”

It’s Thomas’ birthday today, therefore I tried my effort to write the birthday song in Danish with his help of course.  This is directly translated in English on my own:)

“Today is Thomas’ Birthday

Hurray, Hurray, Hurray

He is probably gonna get a gift

As he has been wishing for this year

With wonderful chocolate and cake as well”

Its been a wonderful birthday  for him. He received a lot of greetings from friends and families via Facebook, text messages  and calls. He was working out-of-town today since Monday, I tried my best to call and greet him hoping I will be the first but I was beaten by our friend Big T from Denmark. And to compensate with that I decided to make him a nice dinner and bake a  Cinnamon Fudge Birthday Cake. Thanks for the recipe.

Cinnamon Fudge Birthday Cake

Cinnamon Fudge Birthday Cake

It was my first time with this cake and I definitely loved it. Very easy to make plus the consistency and taste are perfect. With the help of our almost 1-year-old boy, Martin we made this cake!

Judging by the look of Thomas’ face, I am sure he had a nice day.

Just before we blow the candle

Just before we blow the candle

To the best husband and the best daddy in the whole world…we wish you more birthdays to come.  This is your day, so you’re the man. I love you..and thank you for being you!

My Personalized Birthday Bunting

Oh Boy! Time is really flying so fast. In just exactly a week is our precious son Martin’s 1st Birthday. I started planning a month before his birthday but unfortunately I am so stuck that until now I still have a lot of things to do.

Yes! I am turning 1!

Yes! I am turning 1!

I wanted his 1st birthday to be something special. I made him a birthday bunting. I used fabric to make it more personalized and long-lasting. I  got the  inspiration of making this after I saw a named bunting hanged outside the door on my friend’s daughter in Singapore. It  is beautiful yet simple to make.

Happy Birthday Bunting

Happy Birthday Bunting

It was a double-sided bunting so I can use the other side for any occasion or I can easily hang as a decoration in his room.

Things I used to make the bunting:

scraps of fabric


double-sided tape


pinking shears

Janome sewing machine

It was pretty easy to make. I just need the time where I can sit and work with my hands without my little Martin on the way. Oh yes, he loves playing things he is not allowed to, including tugging the cable of my sewing machine.  So, I worked with this while Martin is sleeping.


The plan is to hang his name outside his room door. And now that is finished, I moved on to next project. I will try to keep posted.

The Greatest Love of All

I remember the day when Thomas told me “If I have to choose between you and my 2 daughters, I will choose Hannah and Emily”. This remarks made me upset and sad thinking that I am not as important as his kids. Now that we have Martin, I understand the meaning of it. The love and affection towards your kids are the best and greatest of them all.

1 day old Martin

Meet our son Martin. He was born 5th of June 2012 with an impressive weight of 8 lbs 9 oz. It was the day our lives changed tremendously. After 3 hours of labour, we heard the loud cry of a beautiful baby boy then I had him on my arms still covered with fluid and  blood. Right at that moment, I felt the love I can’t possibly imagine. It was an amazing feeling holding him for the first time, having him on my chest for the first cuddle and when he look into my eyes my heart melts like a candle and my tears began to flow. Gone are the pains I experienced during the pregnancy and the hard work during labour.

I am now a proud mother shouting to the whole world how lucky I am to have the most gorgeous little man in my life. We are now one happy family. This is my chance to say thank you to Thomas for all the love and support I got from him during my pregnancy until the delivery. He is an amazing father and husband.