Week 20th: Emotional week!

JANUARY 14th, 2012

I am on my 20 weeks but sad to say I haven’t got any of my scan yet. Moving from Singapore to England cause me a lot of delays. Luckily, I had been checked by my GP and midwife last 2 days before Christmas. I tried to book for my scanning yet because of all the incorrect dates/being not sure how far I am they cannot give me a scan so I have to wait for my appointment with the consultant. I received the appointment letter with the consultant. This week was very emotional week for me, after waiting for a long period of time hoping things to happen and I didn’t get it and Thomas told me about the Anomaly Scan result of our friend in Denmark that they are getting a boy, scanned on the same day I can’t get one myself.

I went out instead and bought maternity bra, finding the right one was not easy. I spent 3 hours before I finally made my mind. Yes, my first time using 36C cup, and when I told  Thomas, he said when are you going to get your D cup? and we started laughing together.

On the 18th, I went to see the consultant in Wokingham Community Hospital, his name is Louie a very nice doctor. I was being checked first by Stephanie, the midwife. My blood test result was good, my BP and urine test are both pretty good. The consultant confirmed how far my pregnancy by checking with the old scanner:) 19 weeks 6 days that day. I saw our baby for the first time, but it was not clear. We will be having my Anomaly scan on the 3rd February, and looking forward for that moment. It’s been a long wait.

The next day, I had an appointment with my Midwife, as I just seen the consultant the day before we didn’t done any more test. She booked me my next appointment instead and arranged for the clinic for my Flu Jab. I Had my vaccination that day as well. I managed to book my dental appointment as well, so I had been busy that day.

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