Week 19th

The whole week past without getting news about my appointment with the consultant. I’m a bit worried and disappointed for the waiting time.

We had a visit from Kim and Kenny our friends from Singapore, we spent a good time with nice food for dinner. Chilling and catching up before going to bed. They spent the night with us.  It was nice to see them again.

Thomas had really bad back this time, he needs to stay home for 2 days. I had a slight fever and still suffering from colds and blocked nose. So the whole week just spent most at home resting and doing my Patchwork.

My bump measures 38 inches now, yes I know I’m getting bigger but luckily my weight is not going up that bad. All in all I am feeling good with the pregnancy, the only thing that bothers me a lot is my pimples on my forehead which of course they said it is normal while pregnant because of the hormones. Hoping this will get away soon.

I was not able to join my Yoga class last Saturday because my colds was really bad so I decided to stay in bed until 11am. Yap, rest was what I need. But after lunch Thomas and I decided to visit Stonehenge at Wiltshire, UK


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