Am I Ready for the Big Day?

Looking back the day we found out I’m pregnant with our baby, I can definitely say it has been a long way.  Now that it’s only 5 weeks away before the big day, Thomas and I are really excited. Gone are the days we have to keep the news  to ourselves,  the feeling I had for a long time “in doubt if I am pregnant or not” , not until we finally heard our baby’s heart beat 3 days before Christmas 2011. Yes, now we are getting ready to welcome our new member of our family. Not too long to wait now..

week 33 on this photo

As a first time mother,  I have to get all the help and information I can get to be ready to become one.  Thomas and I  attended Parentcraft classes with my Midwife and in the hospital, information concerning what to expect and what to do when I get into labour.  I also went to breastfeeding class and continue going for my Pregnancy Yoga.

Every now and then  we tried to complete our baby checklist before the arrival, and what we got are these:

the changing station

For Changing

  • nappies
  • wipes/cotton wool
  • Changing station and mat
  • Changing bag

the baby cot

For Sleeping

  • baby cot (We are going to use a baby cot made by Thomas’ great grandfather, and been used by Thomas and his brother when they were a baby)
  • sheets and mattress
  • sleeping bags and blankets
  • baby monitor
  • baby thermometer

For Bathing

  • Hooded bath towel
  • bath tub

the baby bouncer

For Travelling

  • car seat
  • Pram/pushchair in one
  • Baby carrier
  • baby bouncer


  • bodysuit/ short-sleeved suits for 0-3 mos old and 3-6 mos
  • sleepsuit/long-sleeved suits for 0-3 mos old and 3-6 mos
  • cardigans and sweaters
  • all-in-one snow suit and rainy jacket
  • Hat and hoodies
  • socks, mittens and little shoes
  • blankets and muslin squares

Baby going home outfit

The little one will arrive any time from now that’s why I started packing my hospital bag.

What’s inside my hospital bag?

  • clothes to wear in labour  and after labour
  • warm socks and sweatshirt
  • wash bag with toiletries  and make-up
  • towel and face cloth
  • knickers and maternity pads
  • nursing bras and breast pads
  • nappies and clothes for the baby
  • going home outfit for me and our little boy
  • camera, book and my Ipod
  • TENS machine to use for pain relief

I am so proud how much Thomas helped me organized and prepared things for the baby. Not to mention all the support I got from him from the beginning of pregnancy until now,  I cannot ask for more.

Daddy working on the changing station