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Passport Renewal in Denmark


Today,  I managed to renew my little boy’s passport at the Borgerservicecentre (passport issuing office) at Struer Kommune,  Denmark. His passport is still valid for another 7 months but we decided to renew now while we are in Denmark because  it is cheaper and faster  here than in England.

I picked up a form from the Borgerservicecentre and asked Thomas to fill up the details on it, obviously the form is all in Danish.

Next, I took Martin to the only photo studio I could find in Struer to have his passport photo taken, yes that is not very easy as my little man decided not to sit still without mommy:-)  Luckily after quiet number of attempts he managed to shot a photo we then decided to use. A 4 copies of passport photo costs DKK 149,00 (find it a little expensive compared to  England prices)

To renew a passport, it is a MUST to appear in person including the children

Required Documentation

  • One Application form
  • Current Passport
  • Both parents information are filled in and signed the consent section on page 3
  • If the child is under 3, bring a passport photo as it is difficult for the Passport Office to take photos of small children.
  • Fee. Advise to bring Cash

Prices of Passport

– Children under 12 years – DKK 115,00
– Children and adolescents 12-17 years – DKK 141,00
– Adults 18-64 years – DKK 626,00
– Adults aged 65 – DKK 376,00

Take Note: Please DO Bring Cash if you are only holding a Danske/Danish Bank Card as most of the time they DO NOT accept other International Visa Card.

At the Borgerservicecentre, I get a queue number at the reception and asked to wait  until being called.

I started the conversation in English and of course I got a reply back in Danish. She keeps speaking to me in Danish even when I told her I don’t understand. Luckily I have with me my father-law who I asked what she is asking. I know she can speak English but keep using her own language to communicate with me and she only started  speaking  English after I told her we live in England and not in Denmark. Then the conversation went well after that and I was pleased to know that the new passport will be ready for pick up after 4 working days.

I then went back to the reception and paid the renewal fee and was given a receipt. Tried to pay by my visa card but of course it was not possible as they are  only accepting Danske/Danish Bank cards. Bring cash or bring your father-in-law:-)